Ocean County Soil Conservation District would like to ensure conservation efforts and management take place. There are collaborations made with landowners within the jurisdiction of OCSCD regarding farmlands and their conservation.

Farms or any agricultural land area legally acquired or obtained by the local and national government units are insured for agrarian use through the following measures:

Sale of Development Easement – Landowners who would like to conserve their properties may offer their easement, which is acknowledging conservation units’ rights to use their properties for a specified purpose; in this case, resource conservation. These landowners are still the legal owners of their properties. However, in any case, these landowners sell their lands; new owners must agree to the easement that has already taken effect.

Donation of Development Easements – There are also cases when landowners allow for resource conservation units to cross their properties for preservation purposes without the need for selling easements. These landowners receive the same mandated benefits, though may enjoy some taxation perks along the way.

Sale of Entire Property – In any case that a landowner agrees to the preservation measures in their county, however, would like to sell their properties, they may always do so. Their lands will be initially purchased and acquired at their current market rates. The land will be permanently protected and will be later on auctioned as necessary.

Restriction Program – Landowners, may also agree to an easement where their lands will be used for non-agrarian purposes for certain tenure. They will still retain ownership of their lands and are eligible for profit-sharing or benefits.