The OCSCD offers a wide range of educational programs and seminars intended for the management and preservation of resources all throughout Orange County.

Instructive Outreach Programs and Workshops for Adults and Children


We conduct programs reaching out to different individuals and groups, from grade school students to higher levels of studies, to professionals and advocates of this conservation project. We ensure awareness within the community regarding our existing and future efforts. OCSCD cascades the importance of soil conservation to the public among other important issues for discussion.

Eco Seminars


Each year, the Ocean County Soil Conservation District collaborates with other institutions to deliberate on matters regarding management and implementation of conservation measures. Since the beginning of these workshops, OCSCD has gathered material and key players to promote the resource conservation throughout the county.

International Participation in Conservation Programs


When the United Nations launched an international celebration of soil preservation in 2015, The Ocean County Soil Conservation District made sure of its participation in the advocacy. We take part with the respect for soil as a vital factor in human life and its sustainability. Materials are also cascaded for the education of partakers and the public.

Ocean County Soil Conservation District believes in the value of our resources and their preservation for our current and the future generations to continue.  We trust that it has always been our sole obligation to take care of these resources entrusted to us to our care and use.

OCSCD invites you to take part in our cause. Please feel free to collaborate with us with any inquiry or suggestions you might have in mind.