In the city of New Jersey alone, there are already 16 Resource Conservation Districts that have been actively in service since the unforgettable days of the Dust Bowl, which has significantly damaged our ecological resources in the thirties. The effects of the dust storms at this time were so tragic; that ended up affecting not only our nation but also our Canadian neighbors. In lieu with this heartrending dilemma, conservation districts were born.

Each resource conservation district is near landowners who believe in the advocacy and mission of the conservation units, including Ocean County Soil Conservation District (OCSCD).

With extensive collaboration with national and local government units, the OCSCD are set to meet needs with important issues and programs to maximize conservation efforts in the district. It is our goal to prevent any similar ecological adversity from happening again. This time, with knowledge, preparation, and collaboration, we should be able to minimize and reduce the effects of any natural occurrences that hit us.

Ocean County Soil Conservation District provides free and equal opportunities to anyone in the horticultural and/or agricultural markets, land clients, educators, and anybody with area-based asset preservation needs, with the premise of reducing risks thus eliminating any catastrophic gravity of events. Protection tasks may include, but are not limited to, the instruction of conservation measures, soil disintegration control, field generation, and range administration.

Throughout the years, Ocean County Soil Conservation District has continued to maximize conservation efforts and management. What we have experience in the past was enough. Now that we have a broad range of information resources for conservation, we are not going to let natural disasters bring us down again.