3 Reasons Why Soil Conservation Is So Important

Most of us have probably realized it by now; that soil is necessary for the sustainability of humankind. It might sound a little cliché yet what we sow is what we harvest.

What we have done to take care of our environment has manifested in so many ways, just like the disasters we have encountered in the past or the tragedies our ancestors and elderly have gone through. Some of these may not affect us deliberately, while some gave us memories that we can never forget and even pass on to our juniors. There are things we really had to learn the hard way.

While we have started some precautionary and conservation measures, here are a few reasons why soil protection is imperative:

  1. The soil is literally the foundation of plant life. A tree will not be a tree without soil. While there are some plants that can live in water or air, most plants need to be rooted to the ground.

It is the soil that provides nutrition to this plant life. It is through this vegetation that nourishes the humankind and the animal kingdom. Plants are important resource of food and fuel and of wood and other by-products that make our other life functions possible.

  1. The soil additionally supports the animal kingdom. Our agriculture also relies on soil, for its location and for other functions to be derived from its existence. It will be almost impossible to support the animal and human life without land. Biodiversity relies on soil at all times.
  1. The soil is necessary for water supply. This is the magic of nature. The land is also necessary to ensure the quality of water we derive from our earth. Soil and water co-exist. So do we and soil co-exist? Taking good care of our soil equates to taking care of our water supply.

There are always a lot more reasons to conserve soil. However, I believe that the above are simply enough for us to start conserving our land resources as soon as we can.


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