About us

Ocean County Soil Conservation District give free, non-prejudicial help and educational chances to horticultural makers, land clients, instructors, and anybody with area based asset preservation needs, on an entirely willful premise.


Farms or development easements that are obtained through the Farmland Preservation Program will perpetually be ensured for agricultural use. Landowners who have sold their advancement rights still can offer their territory whenever.


The Ocean County Soil Conservation District offers an assortment of educational programs, workshops, and occasions for group individuals, and also understudies, instructors and experts all through Ocean County.


Ocean County Soil Conservation District consists of an accomplished and committed group of conservation specialists to assist in the management and implementation of preservation of agrarian properties, whether acquired by the government or owned by private individuals or sectors.

We live by and operate under a primary goal that is to provide innovative solutions and strategies to maximize preservation measures. We would like to make sure that all resources brought into this project are taken into consideration and used properly at a maximized rate. We intend to keep the most helpful program with the least and most cost-effective expense as possible.


The Ocean County Soil Conservation District ensures quality more than anything else. The feasibility and efficacy of this project have repeatedly been proven in the past while measures to conserve resources are maximized and improve each time.

We work hand-in-hand with people who cannot be only trusted but people who have also proven their worth in this niche over the years. OCSCD are blessed to have these people around. Without them, success would never be a success; and preservation will be more tedious than it already is. We also work with the landowners who have full support in these endeavors.

Together, we form an alliance that is set to ensure that disasters in the past are history that would not repeat itself, at least not with the same tragic gravity.

Please read more about us, our ways to help, the conservation measures we follow and feel free to let us know if there are any questions we can help you with or any help you can provide us. Either way, let us know. We will respond as soon as we are able. Thanks!


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